Your Child’s Journey from Curiosity to Understanding.


WICEAN Introduction

Science Educational Experiential App and App Book Production

  • WICEAN produces education content in physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, and all other fields of science.
  • WICEAN products are based on accurate simulations.

Well Made Science Education Contents

  • WICEAN provides contents that skillfully integrate science contents, education methods, and articulation skills.
  • Worried about how to express knowledge and contents? WICEAN has the solution.

Future Education Preparation Contents

  • Experience the contents of future schools in advance!

Words from the CEOs of WICEAN


Do-Gyun Kim CEO

The habit, developed since childhood, of learning and understanding something you found interesting through your own efforts. The talent to not be satisfied with just the interest and to go beyond until you could gain insight into its essence. I believe education is not simply the process of imparting knowledge, but rather the fostering of such abilities. I promise to take up the role of guiding those who are preparing for the future.


HyunSook Chae CEO

I wish for children to play and laugh to their heart’s content, and for their lives to be filled with big dreams and meaningful experiences. I believe that studying must also be amazing and enjoyable. I hope that children will study because they enjoy fulfilling their curiosity and the pleasure of learning. I want to make a world where each and every child shines brightly.


Service Introduction


Scientific contents created directly by scientists


Education striving for essential understanding of phenomena


Technology that understands and properly expresses the contents
How should science be learned?
  •  WICEAN has the answer, ‘observe directly.’
  • Many scientific facts can be learned just by looking directly with your eyes.
Science Educational Experiential App Series : Visual Science Series
  • Science was developed by watching repetitive phenomena and understanding their principles.
  • WICEAN’s You Know? Series is composed so users can practice these inductive logic developments.
  • Look, touch, and answer questions while following the app’s steps and you will naturally reach a solution.
An app series revealing the scientific principles of gravity, eclipse, lunar eclipse, and other phenomena will be produced. Stay tuned!
  • Audience: Grades 4 ~ 9 (High Elementary ~ Middle School)

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