You Know Solar Eclipse? It’s so straight!


May 11, 2016


Visual Science Series

About This Project

Let’s find everything about solar eclipse by looking at real eclipse!


  • Have you seen the solar eclipse?

  • When the Moon covers Sun, it will become dark like night in day and it feels unrealistic!

  • But it is very rare event, and it will be hard to see in real life!

  • “You Know Solar Eclipse?” is an educational application that teaches about eclipse that is hard to see in real life through 3D simulation.

  • It shows why eclipse happens and how mysterious it is, and let you watch different eclipse using real life event!

  • Learn about the eclipse by watching real life event!


Science Educational Experiential App Series


  • Science was developed by watching repetitive phenomena and understanding their principles.

  • WICEAN’s You Know? Series is composed so users can practice these inductive logic developments.

  • Look, touch, and answer questions while following the app’s steps and you will naturally reach a solution.